WE SUPPLY personal CYBER PROTECTION for VIP and CElebrities


Secure your data and protect your reputation.

Digital research

Our risk assessment compiles all areas of your digital footprint (mobile, tablets, laptops, social media, banking, documents, your home IoT, etc)

Security Setup

Our experts will help you configure the gadgets and devices used on daily basis and provide increased online safety and security

Emergency Response

Our team is prepared to respond and mitigate online problems, should those happen. Just let us know the nature of it and we will take it from there

Protection of personal data and privacy

Advising Coaching Training

Start by booking a free 2 hours session with our consultants. You will have the basic information about your online presence, advice and basic training for a good start in preparing your own safety online.

Growing digital services, online selling and supply chains available world wide have lead to thousands releases of your personal information to entities you know little about. Part of information details are not under your direct control. How can you prevent and detect your data leaks or data misuse?


Hackers start by targeting humans, not machines, as first point of undetectable security breach.

Nozomi Team


we can help you with...

Personal Digital Footprint

Digital footprints will always affect your online reputation. Good or bad, it only depends on your choices of posting, commenting and sharing personal information, as social networking sites can give a very good idea someone's life. These sites allow digital tracing to the very little detail and all your data can be gathered and analyzed without being aware about it.

Your online profile

Most employers will “cyber vet” prospective employees based on their online activities and will gather information to help them with their enquiries. We will check and raise awareness about what you post on any such sites: once something is posted, it's close to impossible to removing it completely. We will consider measures about what others might shared from your posts and comments as it will be part of their own digital footprint.

Privacy intrusions

Although we can provide remote triage and expertise across multiple security domains, our team will provide a local specialist on-site, ensuring the best outcome from a cyber security incident. Digital footprints including the metadata and content itself might impact your security, privacy and trust. You should have to be aware and have some control over the ownership of the photos you shoot and content that you write.

Parental controls set up

Protecting your child in the online environment should be the starting point for his future cyber looks. As parent, you provide access to technology for communication, learning and play trying to keep your kids safe and protected against actions unsuitable for them. Our specialists can help you to put in place a set of measures that includes limited access to specific websites, words or images, to block sharing personal information online or via email, and, at the same time, set up usual and accessible monitoring tools that will trigger alerts about your child online activities. By request, we will help you set up the location and monitoring controls over your children mobile devices.

GDPR complaints

Any concern about the misuse of your personal data can be addressed in order to file a complaint. If you think that your data was shared by an organisation or not kept secure enough, we will help you contact them in a professional manner. A report will be drafted and transmitted in order to help you addressing the issues and, if you are not happy with the response provided by such organisation, we will help you contact the right authorities in order to investigate your claim and take legal action against anyone who wrongfully mishandled your data.

Unwanted information

Our team experts are trained in finding and eliminating the information that affect your professional or family life. We maintain a neutral perspective throughout our response delivery, helping you achieve the level of personal disclosure you desire. Keep in mind that what goes on the internet normally will stay there limitless in time, disregarding the fact that you will delete some information - there will be a trail of data that you have left behind and you couldn’t even be aware of it.

Cyber Intelligence

As cybersecurity advisors, we separate privacy (individual data collection, permissible use, sharing of data, etc) from security of access control and data protection, delivering the information to help your professional life impact less onto your family privacy.

Internet Monitoring

We do not abandon you after an incident but we will continue to "babysit" through recommendations and support until you get back on track as desired. We will provide you the consultation and technical expertise needed for the remediation process.


Useful Information and Cyber Security Events

Hacker Sensitive Data

In May 2018 GDPR started to be applied. The General Data Protection Regulation is the toughest privacy and security law in the world and imposes obligations for organizations anywhere, if they target or collect data related to people in the EU. We discussed about this topic with our expert, Mariana Max. She provided some important points from…

Can you be completely anonymous in online?

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Proudly supporting:

The Ocean of DATA

VIP’s, high net worth individuals and their families, executives, celebrities, politicians or any public persona are often targeted by cybercriminals for their limited level of cyber protection outside workplace.

The wealth of information you leave behind while surfing the internet can and will be used to manipulate you and your behavior. This takes place outside your direct view and is almost invisible for you.

Our integrated approach delivers easy, efficient, reliable and secure cyber protection for all data, apps and systems you use on daily basis. With our help you can find out the information you leak, how to use your digital rights to secure it or eliminate the unwanted details about you from the internet.

Protecting our digital data is one of our digital rights that affect both adults and children.

Act accordingly!

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